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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 15, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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i want to tell your... i can not thank you enough >> chicago teachers union president showed her appreciation of teachers at an afternoon rally. she also reminded them that they're still on strike a deal has not yet been finalized >> negotiations are ongoing tonight... >> they're trying to work out
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the details in the contract... it looks like karen is arriving back hearre... let's see if we can talk to her >> how did you feel about the rally? >> it was great >> contract talks continue a. very little to sa >> earlier this evening...
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>> leaving for a dinner break... lawyers have been working since this morning... >> negotiations continue, an estimated 2500 people gathered for a rally showing their support for teachers >> because of my teachers i am thewho i am today >> we are unified like never before >> respected t the teachers!
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>> no teacher becomes a teacher because they think they will become rich... >> she said she is tired of teachers and vilifiedbeing vilified >> we want to work with people... we are collaborative. >> collaboration will certainly be critical here. they're trying to hammer out this contract by
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tomorrow afternoon. that is when the union house of delegates are set to meet. they want to see the written contract proposal first. we will keep you updated >> hundreds of teachers in the crowd also wanted their voices heard >> this started gathering before noon... >> the fight is still on. >> the crowd swelled to thousands... people across the country. a rally to stand in
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solidarity to chicago teachers >> the time is now to stand up against it. if you care about public schools for your cans...i kids... >> this is also for public schools across the country... >> my biggest concerns are that we have the degrading of teaching... the reducing of teaching to a test preparation... privatize asian of public schoolsclosings of hundreds of schools in african-american and latino community isies
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>> they were chanting and carrying homemade signs >> the rally peaceful and a passionate gathering ultimately about the kids >> we wake up thinking about them... >> one of the teachers says he hopes in the future... the lines of communication stay open >> the mayor did not answer questions from reporters about the strike when he took part in
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the mexican independence day parade. the mayor served as grand marshal this year. the annual parade has been held downtown since 1969 to remember mexico's war for independence >> several south and west side community leaders are not just hoping the school strike will end the. you're saying it must end for the benefit of students. they gathered at the black star project headquarters >> the voice of parents and community have a totally been left out of this equation. have ideaswe have ideas >> black star project executive
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director also said the strike affected black and latino students the most since they make up 87% of the roman citywide >> wake forest high-schoollake forest high-school will be in session monday even if teachers are still on the picket lines. the school district reports that administrators in volunteers will take the place of teachers. according to the school district the teachers union had not responded to its last best offer. the union says it provided a written counterproposal. teachers went on strike in the north suburbs wednesday morning. they're asking for 5.6 and 1/2 percent annual raises >> 18 year-old man from suburban hillside is arrested on terrorism charges after he allegedly tried to bomb a downtown chicago bar. the name of the bar was not revealed but
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authorities say he tried did use a car bomb to destroy the building last night. undercover agent provided him with explosives and when he pressed what he thought was the trigger he was arrested for. he is an american citizen who came to the attention of the fbi earlier this year when he posted online violent statements >>more violent protests outside american embassies overseas. next, the president's message to anyone targeting american citizens. also, vice presidential hopeful paul ryan brings his economic message to the key state of florida. and clint eastwood tries to explain his speech at the republican national convention. i will have details on the forecast glen..still ahead...
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authorities investigating the u.s. consulate killings in libya have postponed their trip to the region as violence rages on. thousands of protesters across the world have taken to the streets, fueled by an anti- islam film released by an american filmmaker.
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cristina mutchler reports. anti-u-s protests following the u-s consulate killings in libya have spread even further across the globe. in australia, hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside of the american consulate in sydney. in the middle east, thousands of muslims have taken to the streets. fbi officials investigating the killings in benghazi have put off their visit until the volatile region is safer. the members of the security council condemned in the strongest terms the series of violent attacks against embassies and consulate premises of member states in multiple locations. protesters are raging over an anti-islam film *this* american filmmaker has put out. nakoula basseley nakoula has been interviewed by authorities. in his weekly address, president obama promised justice for those who killed u-s amabassador to libya chris stevens and three other americans at the consulate.
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there is never any justification for violence. there is no religion that condones the targeting of innocent men and women. there is no excuse for attacks on our embassies and consulates. and so long as i am commander-in-chief, the united states will never tolerate efforts to harm our fellow americans. some say tuesday's attack was planned. it was a deliberate and pre- planned attack in every sense of the word. i was given enough details by witnesses. u-s officials say they have no evidence that the attack was premeditated. but as calm appeared to be restored in downtown cairo saturday, the scene of the first protest gives hope that other demonstrations will follow suit.i'm cristina mutchler reporting. pope benedict the 16-th is in lebanon on a trip aimed at uniting christians and muslims. the pontiff planned this visit before the unrest broke out this week over that anti- islamic film. streets leading to the presidential palace to catch a
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glimpse of the pope. the pope met with lebanon's president, who is a maronite christian. and later with two top government officials, who are sunni and shi'ite. the pope called for peace instead of conflict, among all religions. >> decision 2012 and republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan is campaigning in another key battle state. today he was at a rally near tampa florida. he criticized the federal reserve's new plan to boost the economy by spending $40 billion a month. the money would be used to buy mortgage bonds to help keep interest rates low and hopefully jump-start the economy >> we need economic growth! we what opportunity year growth
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and growth >> federal reserve chairman announced the new plan to help keep interest rates low on thursday and was immediately criticized the republican presidential candidate mitt romney >> in his first television interview since and that empty chair skid at the gop convention clinton eastwood talked about the incident. he says he was not trying to be disrespectful to the president and that even though some people found it bizarre governor romney reportedly enjoy it >> the actor and director was promoting his latest film the trouble with the curve >>
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] it was such epic stain fighting even chuck norris could respect it. twice the stain fighting power as the next leading liquid value brand. era, the only detergent that's chuck norris approved. another police involved shooting on the city's far south side has
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left one man dead. it happened just after 930 last night. people at a block party called police after seeing the to honor invited men carrying guns. officers shot and killed one of the men believed to be in his 20s. police arrested the other man and a third suspect and recovered two guns from the scene. no officers were hurt >>a woman from south suburban lynwood surrenders to police... after she allegedly hit a chicago police officer with her car on thursday... and fled the scene. 33-year old martha parker is now charged with leaving the scene of an accident that caused injury and failing to report an accident. she's accused of hitting the officer in the chatham neighborhood just after midnight this past thursday... as he conducted a street stop near 79th and wabash avenue. he was taken to advocate christ medical center for his injuries. parker is being held on 75- thousand dollars bond. she's also charged with not
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having insurance... not having a >> despite undergoing treatment for cancer cardinal francis george held a mass today at holy family parish. it was a mass for atonement and hope for healing of victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse. the mass-market the 10th anniversary of the charter for the protection of children and young people set up by the catholic archdiocese >> cardinal georgia did not attend any events after the mass telling parishioners the chemotherapy he is receiving has left him in a beacon conditionweakened condition >>hundreds of job seekers lined up outside of kennedy-king college fair this year.
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t-a staff collected applications from job seekers. c-t-a is looking for candidates to fill about 400 part-time bus operator positions for its project. even though bus operators will work part-time... c-t-a says those employees will be placed in other positions after the project is completed. construction is scheduled to begin in may of 20-13. >> hundred from a northern indiana town are forced from their homes overnight. what caused the emergency? >> also a royal visit to the rain forest but a major distraction is rocking their trip >> and later cleaning up the city's beaches before cold weather comes to chicago... >> illinois lottery...
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hundreds of residents in a northern indiana town were forced to leave their homes last night, because of a chemical leak at a vacant factory. the plant in mishawaka has been vacant since 2008. six months ago, the epa took over and has been removing hazardous chemicals. more than 50-thousand gallons of liquid and solid chemicals were stored there. authorities ordered the evacuation because a vapor cloud suspected of containing dangerous chemicals had covered the area. >> i saw fire trucks... >> the good news is... your
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homes are safe >> residents were allowed to return back home. they're continuing to monitor the site >>a freight train collided and demolished a van in a suburb of milwaukee... and the driver managed to escape and talk about it. the van was pulling a trailer and was not able to stop at the railroad crossing in waukesha county. he told police he tried to change directions... but then the van got stuck on the tracks. the driver... who was the only person in the vehicle... got out before the train hit and pushed it about a half-mile past the impact site. the canadian pacific railroad freight train was pulling 84- cars. >> a flight school plane with three occupants missing in arizona for the past two days was found it this morning. authorities spotted the wreckage in a mountainous area.
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they confirmed the plane found was that of a flight that had an instructor on board a student pilot andy passenger and that all three died in the wreckage. the plane took off thursday if. it was found outside of strawberry arizona not >> a powerful typhoon made a landfall on the japanese islands tonight. the storm had winds estimated at 120 mi. per hour. the diameter of the storms eye was nearly half the length of the island. the same >>as another controversial scandel surrounds the royal family... the the rain forest in borneo. the couple walked high in the treetops of a forest canopy, as the palace announced plans to take legal action against a french magazine. earlier this week, "closer"
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magazine published topless photos of kate sunbathing in france. the palace called it a "grotesque" invasion of privacy. despite that -- the irish daily star has also decided to publish the photos. and an italian magazine says it's going to publish the images as well. >> cool, clear night... >> jim ramsey is coming up next and we ♪ you do ♪ ♪ something to
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beautiful day today... >> temperatures up to 79 degrees. break sunshinight sunshine. mostly sunny day tomorrow... afternoon cloudiness. look at
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this temperature in south dakota... 91! tomorrow a little warmer here low 80s. monday clouds and rain cool us. currently 63 degrees... calm winds. watch what happens tuesday... drop temps to the 60s during the day. next weekend more cold air. dew point
9:33 pm
temps... cool side. low 50s overnight tonight. radar picture... cloud cover and southern illinoiin southern illinois. we are concerned about, north of rosus... in canada... how much rain? not
9:34 pm
a great deal. tonight... clear skies cool temps. tomorrow... morning sunshine. winds a little startronger. sunday night... clear... 50s. monday... clouds increasing rain developing not major. temperatures decrease about 10 degrees.
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>> groups are working to protect chicago beaches... volunteers are spending the day cleaning up >> how much is too much when it comes to public displays of affection in the political arena? >> plenty of public displays of touchdowns in today's college of football action..
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we don't give it a second thought when a politician kisses a baby... but.... what about political displays of affection between adults during a campaign??? we saw them at the political conventions last month... and as john berman reports... such displays of affection can actually *cost* a politician an election. what are the rules when it comes to hugging? kissing? pda... for normal people >> (music) >> in a campaign season a kiss it is never just a guesskiss...
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>> pda means something different.. political. display of affection >> mitt and ann romney ki ss... >> about as hot as obama kiss cam smooch... >> manly embrace... >> lifted the president off his feet
9:40 pm
>> completely political... the romney kiss helped humanize the robotic romney... >> power lift... lend some blue collar appeal to his campaign >> it all does not end well... hig in 2009 helped end his career as a republican >> the cause me grief from my party >> political factioaffection...
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remember there are cameras and it will last forever >> a show of power to raise funds for a great cause the next >> soldier field becomes pet
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neither can they. so you're going on tour to prove it. downy unstopables. follow jimmy's unstopables tour for free samples on people hcrowded outside soldier field today but not to watch a football. the park was overrun by dozens of dogs looking for a home. the band was posted by pedigree pet foods and wal-mart trying to get dogs adopted. more than 100 dogs from local shelters showed off their staff for potential new owners >> more than 2000 people participated in this year's annual oncology chicago lung
9:46 pm
run. runners and walkers were held at 8:00 this morningout at 8 this morning. the chicago run is one of the largest running events in the city. proceeds benefit uniting against cancer is a national research grant program >> volunteers gave the beach a good cleaning today. workers collected bags full of rags, cans and other garbage along the beach. it is celebrating its 27 years of international. postal international the last cleanup of the year will be held on september 25th >> the waters of the church and
9:47 pm
it was 73 degreecurrently 63 degrees... look at this... a few clouds in the southern parts of the section. rain on monday... that will cool the daytime high. we will warm up again wednesday. then more cold air comes into the area friday. next weekend a high of only 56 degrees. after all of that we should see temperatures back near 80 degrees.
9:48 pm
>>it was man against machine at o'hare airport today. dozens of people formed teams to play tug-of-war with an airlplane all in the name of fundraising for the special olympics! the airbus weighs more than 90 tons! participants pooled their strength to try to move the plane 20 feet, in the shortest amount of time possible. this is the fourth year for the event. and the winning team was "d-3" from the chicago fire department. para >> the battle for the playoffs continues... >> a winter without hockey? nhl lockout possibly... details next
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about your own stuff, the sox are through with detroit, they still had the division lead heading into game two this afternoon at minneapolis... the twins are one team the sox have had little trouble with this season... and former twin francisco liriano gets the call today against his ex-teammates.... the sox took good care of him-- third inning, already 1-0, paul konerko-- it's been awhile for him, but a two-run shot here makes it a 3-0 ballgame... liriano threw a no-hitter for the twins against the sox last year-- in this game, he almost turned the tables, hadn't given up a hit until the seventh inning... when he did, it was a long one-- tyler plooffe's two run homer... ploofe acted like he'd just won the world series, but the sox get the win today, 5- 3... tigers won, too, so the lead holds at one game.... great day to watch a game at wrigley... got him good here...
9:53 pm
cubs lose 7-6 >>college football northwestern only bcs team in the country to be 2-0 after playing two bcs opponents-- syracuse and vanderbilt... today, the cats were out to make it three straight... hosting boston college of the acc... and the player of the game, you're lookin' at him... the placekicker jeff bud-zeen... northwestern sputtered in the red zone all day long, but all five times they called on bud- zeen, he delivered... five out of five, thanks to him the cats were nursing a 15-13 lead in the fourth quarter when finally, they broke through... mike trumpy in relief of the injured venric mark, 27 yards to the end zone to put this one on ice... cats quarterbacks were 30-of-40 passing, trumpy had 106 yards northwestern is 3-0, 22-13 over b-c....
9:54 pm
this is why i tell you stats are for losers... unbelievable ball movement. we have to turn >> before the game northwestern announced plans for a new athletics recreation complex. a multi-purpose set of buildings on the north end of campus right on lakefront. preliminary estimates of the costs are at $220 million >> it is a wonderful investment. it will touch every life on this campus
9:55 pm
>> still missing quarterback... five touchdown passes... 333 yds... play of the game... illinois wins 44-0 >> noted game at michigan state tonightre dame at michigan state tonight >> great vintage yeafinish here... huskies win... >> with the nhl lockout
9:56 pm
starting in about an hour, the blackhawks assigned 26 of their young stars to rockford so they can continue to play and be coached... they include dylan olsen nick leddy, marcus kruger brandon sodd and andrew shaw... and with matt forte likely out a few weeks with a sprained ankle the bears have re-signed kahlil bell... >> the fire... tied ... not for long... fire ahead 2-1... final 3-1... now have the lead in mls eastern conference >> chicagoland speedway.... the big races tomorrow is tomorrow
9:57 pm
>> the last trees of the indycar seasorace of the indycar season... >> his car came tpthat is the news for this saturday night.. >>.. thank you for watching end
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